Today, Tuesday May 31st  2022, English Teacher Forum of MTs Lumajang have a great event that is Halal Bihalal of English Teacher Forum. That is held in Warung Pedas Rowobujel Lumajang.

This Event (Halal Bihalal) is the waiting list agenda that never held. It is about five year the committee had planed this event, it is like dreams come true be held today.

In this event, the speaker is talking about Increasing the English Teacher quality. The teacher should make the students have fun when learning English. Especially In the grade 7, the students is look like blank to learn English, Because they didn’t get any English lesson in the elementary school. In order to that English Teacher should welcome to the students to introduce English, Don’t tell the students the purpose an the benefit of English, because they will don’t know and they don’t need that right now. Just ask the students doing an interesting English activity.

In other case, to increase the English Teacher quality, the English Teacher forum will have “study banding” in Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang. Discussing with the lecturer how to improve Teaching English.

This event ended by Ramah Tamah, singing karaoke and taking the picture together. All over at 1:30 pm.

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